Arusetta Asfur - Arabian Angelfish

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The Asfur Angelfish is known from semi-protected inshore
reefs with rich soft and hard coral growth, to depths of 30m (98ft). Here these
impressive, semi-aggressive fish are found singly or in male-female pairs,
feeding primarily on tunicates and sponges. Although the Asfur Angelfish is a
large-growing and active species, it can be somewhat shy at times.

The aquarium must be voluminous, mature, and contain plenty
of live rockwork that is arranged to create a multitude of visual barriers and
bolt holes, as well as a roomy swimming space along the front of the tank. In
fact the more places to hide, the more you will see of your Asfur Angel; this
is because the fish will gain confidence in knowing it can retreat out of sight
quickly should it feel the need. Keep only one specimen per tank, and not with
any other angelfish.

The Asfur Angelfish is considered one of the more peaceful
Pomacanthids, and it does best with similar tempered tankmates, although may
harass very passive fish or newly introduced fish - for this reason, it should
be the final addition to the tank.

Must receive foods containing sponges, such as some of the
frozen preparations for angelfish species, and natural fare found on live rock.
Should also be offered Mysis shrimp, vitamin-enriched brineshrimp, chopped
clam/mussel/cockle/prawn/squid, plus vegetable matter, marine algae, Nori,

Spirulina etc. Feed small amounts several times per day.