Some of the Most Stunning Fish You Will Ever See

Fantastic Fish That Really Catch the Eye

Whether you are looking for a specific Red Sea fish to add to your collection, or you want to offer a selection of ornamental fish to your clients, we have the solution for you. At FIQI Fishing Aquariums, we catch fish from the Red Sea ourselves before transporting them back to the UK. Our range covers a variety of different species, many of which are available for retail customers and wholesale clients.

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About Us

Sourced by hand from the Red Sea, transported to the UK, and available for collectors, retailers, and wholesalers, our selection of fish for sale contains a wide range of oriental species. At FIQI Fishing Aquariums, we catch and sell a diverse selection of Red Sea fish to customers throughout the UK. As we catch the fish ourselves, meaning there is no middle men, we are able to offer unbeatable prices as well as a first-class service.